Positioning the practice nationally as eco experts


John McCall Architects wanted to raise awareness of its sustainable house building expertise having designed the UK’s first eco-homeless hostel and created a private Passivhaus that costs just £15-a-year to run full stop

With appearances on national breakfast TV, radio and in the press we were delighted

Services Provided

  • Business objectives
  • Content & delivery plan
  • Editorial focus: press releases, comment pieces, features, positioning
  • Copywriting: website, case studies, awards
  • Photography direction [editorial]
  • Social media strategy
  • Direct mail campaign management
  • Media liaison
  • Press office
  • Measurement, evaluation and ROI


We devised a two-pronged approach to promote the practice’s eco design capabilities on a national level.

Firstly, we concentrated on its two leading low energy projects: Belvidere Family Centre which saw a 19th century convent converted into an eco-hostel and Lang Lane Passivhaus.

We spent time with the project architects and visited the buildings to get a deep understanding of the concept, design, installation, impact on users and environmental performance.

This allowed us to write press releases, features, op-eds, website pieces, case studies and award entries. Our media liaison work saw us arrange visits for print, online, TV and radio media to secure national, regional and trade coverage.

Secondly, the practice and individual architects who specialise in sustainability were positioned as expert columnists in the three nationals including The Sunday Times while speaking opportunities were secured at events including BRE’s Ecobuild conference full stop



We enjoy working with Duncan on promoting the low energy buildings which John McCall Architects specialise in designing.

We find him helpful and insightful. His many contacts within the industry and the media resulted in considerable exposure for the business and zero carbon house on the Wirral.

With appearances on national breakfast TV, national radio and the secular press we were delighted to be able to showcase this particular project utilising his undoubted expertise.

Colin Usher
Director, John McCall Architects