A selection from clients and the media

"Duncan was extremely helpful in supporting us to develop a more strategic and focussed approach to developing our communications strategy."

Kate Foley, Housing and Customer Services Director

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"Duncan was extremely helpful in supporting us to develop a more strategic and focussed approach to developing our communications strategy.

He took the time to get to know us and developed a strong grasp of our organisational values and our priorities.

Duncan worked methodically and systematically, providing regular updates to ensure the project was keeping on track.

The end result has proven invaluable in creating a solid framework for our newly installed team to now take forward our refreshed communications approach."
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"The quality of work produced and added value is excellent"

Nigel Wilson,
Chief Executive, Gentoo Group

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"Duncan is very able, attentive to detail and always gets the job done without any drama, meeting often very tight deadlines and offering original thoughts and ideas.

"The quality of work produced and added value is excellent.

"He is a pleasure to work with."
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"Duncan never fails to deliver a professional service to deadline"

Wayne Gales, Chief Executive of Weaver Vale Housing Trust

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“I’ve really enjoyed working with Duncan he is proactive, informed, adds value, has a good eye for detail and never fails to deliver a professional service, despite often working within tight deadlines.”
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"It is a pleasure working with Duncan – he has a thorough understanding of the story angles"

Alex Turner,
Senior Reporter, The Guardian

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"Duncan has assisted me in co-ordinating a number of feature articles over many years.

"It has been a pleasure working with him – he has been highly efficient in organising things, thorough in understanding the angles of different pieces, and has gone the extra mile to make sure stories go ahead even when clients have been slow to work with."
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"The approach to both proactive and reactive media management is excellent"

Steve Coffey, Chief Executive, Torus

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"We have worked with Duncan since 2008 and he offers a dedicated specialist media management service.

"We have seen our profile in the media increase both locally and nationally thanks to the hard work of Duncan and his team.

"Their approach to both proactive and reactive media management is excellent."
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"Duncan’s expertise develops ideas into very strong programmes"

Angela Heslop, Executive Producer, BBC

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"Duncan often comes to us with news and debate show ideas around serious subjects such as the implications of Universal Credit and his hard work and expertise develops them into a very strong programmes.

"Both the presenters and I feel they are extremely useful and are great examples of public service broadcasting."
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"Duncan always provides the right information in the right format, with minimum fuss"

Helen Clifton, Special Features, Inside Housing

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"Duncan has helped me out with case studies and interviews for several features I’ve written for Inside Housing.

"He’s always been really responsive, helpful and prompt in providing the right information in the right format, with minimum fuss. He understands how to work with a busy journalist battling deadlines."

"His many contacts resulted in considerable exposure on TV, radio and in the secular press"

Colin Usher, Director, John McCall Architects

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"We enjoy working with Duncan on promoting the low energy buildings which John McCall Architects specialise in designing.

"We find him helpful and insightful. His many contacts within the industry and the media resulted in considerable exposure for the business and zero carbon house on the Wirral.

"With appearances on national breakfast TV, national radio and the secular press we were delighted to be able to showcase this particular project utilising his undoubted expertise."

"Duncan is always a pleasure to work with"

Paul Hudson Motoring Editor, The Daily Telegraph

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"More than most PRs, Duncan is aware of the time pressures facing journalists to make life that bit easier so he is always a pleasure to work with.

"For instance, for a very popular Overfinch feature for The Telegraph, he not only supplied a wide selection of images at a usable size (not too many or too large), but also provided detailed captions that were easily correlated with the images."
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"Thorne PR's work and advice focuses solely on what improves our business"

Graham Kelly, Managing Director, G&H Group

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"Thorne PR’s approach of carrying out a full audit transformed our communications. Our five individual divisions were marketed in isolation making it hard for us to sell our services and for potential customers to understand them.

After following Duncan’s advice we rebranded as the G&H Group that provides the complete building services solution allowing us to cross-sell and ultimately win more profitable work. The audit process gave us a clear strategy and the improved brand standards aligned us with our target clients of larger PLC-size contractors.

The return on investment has been significant and helps us meet our business objectives. Thorne PR’s work and advice focuses solely on what improves our business and has helped us grow revenues from £14.7m to £30m in just a few years.

They are a key part of our team and it’s a true partnership, which is why we have worked with them since 2014 and continue to do so."
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"Duncan is one of the select contacts I can trust"

Rob Hull, Deputy Editor, Daily Mail

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"I’ve worked with Duncan on a variety of stories, all of which have received good traction in readership figures.

"Duncan’s one of the most communicative PRs I’ve worked with. He’ll not just send me a story - he lets me know what else I could cover exclusively and rapidly provides additional information on request.

"As is the case with some more delicate stories - especially those involving a PR’s client - there needs to be a compromise between a great angle and protecting the reputation and business relations of the company represented.

"I remember one instance of this with Duncan, which was handled impeccably on his front. I’m pretty sure the client never fully knew the lengths he went to in order to protect the brand but if they did, I’m sure they would have appreciated it. "The story did exceptionally well and everyone agreed it showed the client in a good light.It’s these sorts of scenarios that make you remember a PR and it has made Duncan one of the select contacts I can trust to have the best intentions for all parties in mind."