How we work

We offer two core services:

Account management:
We run accounts for clients by researching and developing strategies that align with their business objectives, create compelling content, engage with the target media and provide an always-on communications function. 

Existing or planned work is audited before comprehensive strategic recommendations are reported back to be delivered in-house or with our support.

Both options see use choosing the most appropriate services to reach your target audience and best communicate your message full stop



Carried out to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of your organisation.

• Brand evaluation
• Communications audit
• Research & analytics
• Competitor analysis
• Reputation analysis
• Audience & media analysis
• Audience segmentation
• Market identification
• Business case/ROI


Taking the necessary steps to position your business in order to achieve your objectives.

• Business objectives
• Communication objectives
• Market & media identification
• Strategic positioning
• Message/narrative development
• Brand strategy
• Content & delivery plan
• Service integration
• Social media
• Measurement & evaluation setting


Using our journalistic skills, we write compelling editorial content specific to the audience.

• Press releases
• Features [research & writing]
• Op-eds
• Crisis management responses
• Case studies
• Blog posts
• Copy for digital platforms
• Brochures / newsletters
• Award writing
• Annual reports
• Presentations
• Research / insight reports
• Briefing reports
• Copywriting & tone of voice
• Infographics
• Internal messaging
• Photography [direction]
• Email marketing


On the most relevant platforms to create the biggest impact.

• Internal communications
• External communications
• Campaign management
• Media liaison
• Press office
• Crisis management 
• Social media & website control
• Influencer editorial
• Roundtable organisation & content
• Media training
• Monitoring
• Measurement & evaluation

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