Managing communications for a housing consortium investing nearly £1bn


Since 2011 we have managed the communications for JV North; a social housing consortium made up of 21 members who collectively manage over 250,000 properties.

By 2021 it will have invested more than £1 billion by building the equivalent of 3.5 homes every working day.

Given the scale and importance of the work, JV North needed to take a strategic approach to communicate externally and internally with stakeholders including Homes England and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The quality of the work and added value is excellent

Services Provided

  • Business objectives
  • Communications audit
  • Audience and media identification
  • Strategic positioning
  • Content and delivery plan
  • Service integration
  • Press office

Editorial focus:

  • press releases
  • comment pieces
  • features
  • positioning


  • website
  • case studies
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • features
  • awards
  • Photography direction [corporate & editorial]
  • Social media strategy, branding and content
  • Branding and design direction
  • Direct mail campaign management
  • Measurement, evaluation and ROI


We held a strategy workshop session with the JV North Board to identify the consortium’s points of difference, key messages and who the audience was. With so many members, creating a media protocol was vital in order to manage and take the lead on announcements in an orderly fashion.

JV North was relatively unknown in the housing sector in 2011 so we recommended the need for the chairman to act as a figurehead to lead all communications. With little previous marketing taking place, it was vital to establish a brand and create a website, brochure, presentations and sustained editorial to tell JV North’s story.

Having secured £150 million of Government grant that is supported by members investing £475 million in the 2016/21 Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme, it was crucial our communications reflected the consortium’s position as one of the biggest builders of social housing in the UK.


Communicate the strategy with all members and keep them informed of all activity

Create a media protocol for members and third party associates such as contractors to follow

Demonstrate the consortium’s success and ambition to address the housing crisis

Align JV North with the Government’s housing division, Homes England

Ensure stakeholders – from members to MPs – are always kept informed via direct communications

Create a consistent brand that is reflected across all touchpoints from online to print materials

Develop and sustain a high media profile via editorial in the leading trade titles

Provide the Board with professionally written and designed presentations